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FFRIND Creative Studio

We´re a full-service design studio, focusing in making brands stand out with unique design and captivating storytelling.

FFRIND Creative Studio
FFRIND Creative Studio
Our multidisciplinary background in strategy, design and production allows us to craft ideas to life. We share a broad skillset that gives us the creative freedom to work on a wide range of projects.

What we can help you with

FFRIND Creative Studio

What we are

Innovative & creative

We explore new ways to help your brand stand out with delightful design and captivating storytelling. We want to push the creative boundaries and explore new innovative techniques.

Effective & hands-on

We strive for flexible solutions and finding new bold approaches to problem solving. From conception to execution, we’ll use our finely-tuned skills to do what’s right for you and your brand.

engaging & impactful

Our goal is to create solutions that engage with your customers increasing love and loyalty to your brand. FFRIND is all about sticking out from the crowd.

Who we are

Hilja Heiskanen Stylist and Producer
Hilja Heiskanen
Stylist & Producer

Jenni-Kaisa lyytikäinen Designer
Jenni-Kaisa Lyytikäinen
Designer & Art Director

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